Top 5 summer game releases

By David Stenger

While another semester comes to a close, there’s still more coming out this summer. Whether it be a rainy day or you just want to stay inside, here are five events to anticipate this summer.

The New Xbox: According to, “Microsoft, as expected, will unveil its new Xbox video game console on May 21.” It plans to stream the big announcement from and Spike TV. Microsoft also intends to show a lineup of new games at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 11. The most notable rumor is the new console must be connected to the Internet at all times.

“Remember Me:” This action-adventure video game takes place in Neo-Paris in the year 2084. The player controls Nilin. She is a memory hunter, which is a person who takes memories from someone and places them into someone else. Sure enough, someone plays with Nilin’s memory and she inevitably receives amnesia. Your role is to help Nilin recover her valuable memory. “Remember Me” can be compared to the video game “Bladerunner” but with a female protagonist. “Remember Me” comes out on June 4.

“The Last of Us:” The survival horror game is developed behind the same team as the award-winning Uncharted series.

“The Last of Us” takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States as two survivors try to reach their destination with some not-too-friendly survivors and infected humans get in their way. The game is a third-person shooter. “The Last of Us” is exclusively available for the PS3 on June 14.

“Deadpool:” For those who are not aware, Deadpool is a Marvel comic book character who wields swords and guns. Deadpool is also known for his ridiculous healing abilities. Gamers should expect Deadpool to flaunt his crazy personality in the game with sarcastic remarks. “Deadpool” releases June 25.

Pikmin 3: Pikmin returns after a three-year break on the Wii U.

The game focuses on a space captain’s landing on what may or may not be Earth and tiny plant creatures called Pikmin. The player controls three captains and switches between captains as they order around armies of Pikmin. Each type of Pikmin has special abilities. The red ones survive fire, and the blue ones survive water. Two new type of Pikmin include a small pink Pikmin with wings that can fly in the air, as well as a heavy rock Pikmin that can break ice. This long awaited title will come out on Aug. 4.