How to deal with gaming rage

By Josh Alfrey

I have often felt head-pounding frustration caused by feeders (players intentionally losing), leavers and trolls.

I used to wonder, “How could I make my gameplay experience more enjoyable?” If you consider yourself a gamer, I have no doubt you have suffered from the terrible affliction known as rage.

Rage is an increasing problem as games continue to become more multiplayer-focused. A game has the potential to be frustrating, especially with more elements being added, like players being able to attack you unexpectedly.

After some time away from gaming entirely, I found the key to a treasure chest full of peace and tranquility. I realized it was the “I” in the question “How could I make my game play experience more enjoyable?” that I needed to focus on. The question itself was my answer. I will decide if I have fun in the game.

Players should never give the jerks the power to take the enjoyment of a game away. If you let a troll take your fun away, you are allowing the troll to succeed. Concentrate on making yourself a better player, which is possible in any scenario.

Another way to guarantee you have an enjoyable game is a saying that you may have heard around the gaming world: “Check your ego at the door.” This means you have to be willing to admit to yourself you are not the best player in the game and you are going to make mistakes.

With this knowledge, you need to also understand that the people around you aren’t perfect. If you see your teammate make a bad error, maybe give them a tip with a smiley face at the end of it–everyone loves a smiley face. Try to learn from the mistakes of others as well as your own to get the most out of your next gaming experience.

Some other small tips that keep me from raging at my team or myself:

1. Listen to calming music of your choice.

2. Have a cold glass of water nearby.

3. When something rage-inducing happens, sit back and think about how you could not repeat what you just did.

4. After a significantly frustrating game turn your attention to a funny game, video or TV show and have a laugh.

5. Accept responsibility for your emotions and control yourself. Ultimately, it is one thing you have control over in the game.