Q&A with Doug Walker

By David Stenger

Doug Walker of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com is an Internet comedian who is well known for playing his character, the Nostalgia Critic.

Walker is an alumnus, and graduated from NIU with a degree in communications. While between panels at Karoshi-Con Saturday, he was able to answer a few questions.

Northern Star: What is it like being back at NIU?

Doug Walker: Nostalgic, actually. I always remember when it was hectic and in between classes when I worked on cartoons for the Northern Star.

NS: Would you say anything you did at NIU helped you become what you are now?

DW: The thing that helped the most was working for the paper because originally when I was going to leave, I wanted to be an illustrator. It showed me a little what it is like to work with clients, and it also gave me a creative outlet and helped me prioritize dates and deadlines.

NS: Where did the idea for the Nostalgia Critic originate from?

DW: I was going through a nostalgia phase that I think everyone goes through from my childhood, and I was realizing a lot of the things I thought was great, wasn’t. I just thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a character that was obsessed with that angle, betrayed by his childhood?’ Upon seeing James Rolf, [another Internet comedian] I realized that there was a crowd for this. I always wanted to do movie reviews, but in a Lewis Black style. I never thought there could be another outlet other than Hollywood ‘til I saw Rolf’s videos online, and that you can bring the people to you.

NS: Anything you wish you could go back in time and change?

DW: Probably nothing major I can think of. There’s certainly stuff I regret doing, but still it’s good I did it because I learned from it and how to adapt.

NS: What is your favorite part of the process of making your videos?

DW: Editing. I thought it was the part I would hate the most and love the acting. Turns out acting is my least favorite because it keeps me away from editing.

NS: Can you think of any future plans or ideas you have in store?

DW: We’re just looking to get more shows off the ground. It’s been a slow process because we found out set building actually takes a long time. A few setbacks, but we are looking to get talk shows and a game show going, other various types of shows going on.

NS: Is there anything you can recommend to NIU students about getting out into the field?

DW: Just be adaptable is the best thing. Be passionate and patient, as well. Different strategies for different things but those things connect to everything.