Destiny’s Child new album disappoints

By Kevin Bartelt

If you saw Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, you might be wondering what she’s been up to since “Single Ladies.” Beside naming her child Blue Ivy, she also rekindled her connection with Destiny’s Child.

The late ’90s and early aughts R&B and pop group released their fifth studio album, “Love Songs,” on Tuesday.

Love Songs is a compilation of slow ballads from the group’s previous four albums. Unfortunately, when these tracks came out in the mid ’90s, they were not received well.

Today, in a time when Frank Ocean and Robin Thicke rule R&B, it seems Destiny’s Child was hoping to be heard through the ears of fans who appreciate the similar sounds of these artists. However, they still sound the same, and there is a reason why we remember hit tracks like “Say My Name” and “Bootylicious” instead of the ballads on “Love Songs.”

“Cater 2 U” is the opening track to Love Songs. With its sluggish downbeat and lack of melody, this song sets the tone for the album. Although this is meant to be a ballad from a woman to her true love, in 2013, the lyrics come off as degrading to women: “Let me help you take of your shoes,” “Let me feed you,” “Let me run your bathwater,” and “Whatever you desire, I’ll supply ya.”

This attitude towards pleasing a man is dissonant with Beyoncé’s–whose stage presence, Sasha Fierce, embodies a strong independent female–usual lyrical message.

“Killing Time” begins with a soulful, melancholy acoustic guitar riff. Nothing is as pleasing as the first 10 seconds of the song, and the song is five minutes long.

Fans that were hoping for a new album from Destiny’s Child will be disappointed when they realize they have heard all of the songs but one, “Nuclear.” This uniquely upbeat and sultry song on the album is the only one to bring Destiny’s Child into 2013. The twinkly synth rhythm adds a cool texture to the track.

However, this does not make up for the mix of forgettable ballads.