PS4 announced, will see release for 2013 holiday season

By David Stenger

The gaming world changed as Sony introduced the PlayStation 4.

Sony guaranteed the system will be the most powerful and fun gaming system.

Sony live-streamed a conference on Wednesday from New York City. Andrew House of Sony came forward and talked about on how PlayStation wants to continue to expand its imagination and bring gaming to the living room.

The conference went on to explain that, before Sony even started building their system, PlayStation talked to developers about what they wanted before going in. They say that the architecture of the PS4 would be like a supercharged PC with the specs within the system.

What was unveiled was the next controller, the DualShock 4 controller.

The controller is similar in shape and size to the PS3 controller. In addition to the controller, there is a stereo camera device (similar to Xbox’s Kinect) that provides an easier way to pick up signals from the controller, as well as tell how far a controller is. New additions on the controller include a touchpad in the middle similar to what it on the PlayStation Vita, an increased rumble, a headphone jack and a “share” button.

The share button is what a player can use to contact friends over the PlayStation Network (PSN) to see their progress or to jump in play. It also offers the option of recording gameplay footage on the console itself.

Social interaction was a key part of the presentation; this is telling of how PlayStation wants to expand the many options of using the PlayStation while adding services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. PlayStation information and videos would be fully integrated through computers, smartphones and tablets. There will be several download options, including making digital titles playable immediately. Players can begin to play a game instantly while it is downloading. The console allows players to see a friend play a game through the Internet, and even jump in and join them, if possible.

In addition to how the system performs, Sony brought a number of game companies to come up and talk about and show upcoming projects.

“Killzone: Shadow Fall” was shown as a futuristic city under attack and featured a soldier with most shockingly realistic blood. An exclusive title called “Knack” was a game where the character could grow larger and gain more abilities based on its environments. The next game in the Infamous series was also shown, as well as a teaser trailer for a game by Capcom tentatively titled “Deep Down.”

Activision came on for a moment to announce that “Diablo 3” would be re-released for the PS4, and said Bungie’s next game “Destiny” would also be on the system.

The company Medium Molecule even showed a way to use the PlayStation Move controllers and how they managed to create a 3-D graphic sculpting program to run on the system. With this, it was even possible to create 3-D animated shorts made entirely with the PlayStation Move.

PlayStation went on to say that they expected the system to be available by the 2013 holiday season. However, not a single mention of price was made.

The system itself was not shown, either. The PS4 is going to bring a whole new dynamic of social gaming that could change the competition. While the Wii U has already been released, the question remains what Microsoft will do when they reveal their next system in June.

Until then, it can be safe to say many good things are headed PlayStation’s way.