Beiber impresses on SNL

By Kevin Bartelt

Heartthrob Justin Bieber hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

The show was hot and cold. The beginning monologue was great. After the monologue, things did not get much better. Obviously, many of the hosts of SNL aren’t actors and Bieber easily joined this group.

Now, don’t get me wrong; he wasn’t bad. He just wasn’t fun to watch. In every skit and every character he played, people would just start screaming. It was ridiculous and annoying.

Clearly, his fans made it to this performance.

In one of the skits, Bieber played an obsessive teenager who was Miley Cyrus’s biggest fan. He accurately poked fun at himself, which was pretty funny.

Then he did something where I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Similar to Alec Baldwin’s joke apology on SNL about the airplane incident, Bieber (while in character) said, “And he’s really sorry that he smoked weed and he’ll never do it again.”

Really? I thought this apology was totally unnecessary. It was funny when he briefly made fun of himself, but making this subtle apology was a little out there.

I guess he can cross that off his list of “Things to Mention about Myself When Hosting SNL.”

Contrary to belief, I’m not a Bieber hater. I still listen to “Boyfriend.” I just wasn’t a fan of him singing up and down a scale in every skit.

Now that I get that out of my system, there were two skits I enjoyed.

Beiber played a nerd with a lisp who was trying to bring awareness to absences at a high school dance. It really wasn’t what he was saying that was fun, but how he said it. My favorite skit, though, has to be “The Californians,” a TV show parody were the cast plays up some funny stereotypes of Californians. Bieber also added some funnier one-liners.

Overall, Bieber did a good job. After all, the guy is hosting SNL at 18.

If you’re going to watch it on Hulu, watch the beginning, “The Californians” and the absence awareness skits.