Hollywood should look to students for creativity


By Holly New

During the Super Bowl, we saw trailers for “Iron Man 3” and “Fast & Furious 6.” It was then that I knew I had seen the death of creativity.

Sequels and trilogies are part of who we are. The Lord of the Rings films, the Matrix trilogy and the Star Wars saga are movies that have impacted our culture significantly, forming generations of almost cult-like followers. But to see the continuance of the Fast and Furious hexalogy, I’ve come to the conclusion that Hollywood has run out of ideas.

Now, I’m a huge hypocrite. The part of me that is hopelessly excited about “Paranormal Activity 5” and “A Good Day to Die Hard” (the fifth installment of its series) is telling me to shush. However, we all know that producers and companies will squeeze a concept or a movie as much as possible to get every dollar out. The amount of remakes has become sickening, from “Total Recall” to “Red Dawn” and the remake of the remake, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The reproduction of these movies begs the question: When will someone come up with a new idea?

The future is bleak. Scott Harris of NextMovie.com wrote in August 2012 of 50 upcoming movie remakes. This list includes “Annie,” “Dirty Dancing” and “American Psycho,” which, I should point out, is only 13 years old. This is getting absurd.

However, there is hope, and that hope is you.

Here’s where the part of me that loves pep talks gets excited; I feel college students are the perfect remedy to the endless production of familiar titles.

College is a time when students can meet a variety of people with different backgrounds, strengths and ideas. One student who is good with directing could meet someone with the script of the century and voilà: A potential movie is born. With such an assortment of creative people, anything is possible.

NIU is the perfect place to accomplish these dreams of creation. Not only does NIU offer majors in art studies, communication studies and theatre studies, but it also offers specific classes tailored simply for the means of producing.

For example, the school of music offers MUTC 305, which is designed to teach the basics in arranging music for orchestras. In COMS 466, students are required to write a 100-page narrative fiction script for media. A class I am very excited to be taking this semester, ENGL 303, is focused solely on the production of a 25-page chapter of a potential book.

Taking these classes can jump-start the imaginative juices and can be the gateway to writing that next book or producing that next movie. It’s imperative students take advantage of the opportunities available to them. There is no better time than college to bring novel ideas to life.

The time is nigh for something original.

Will you have the next big idea? The world will surely be watching in anticipation.