Sundance website to offer all access online for film fest

By Beth Schumacher

The Sundance Film Festival websites are enough to make your head spin from all the interviews, films, events and performances available.

You’ll almost forget you’re not there.

No worries if you didn’t have time or money for the trip to Park City, Utah, because there are plenty of ways to participate in this independent film-loving festival from the comfort of your own home.

With festival attendance so high, its no wonder fans will once again have the opportunity to watch a live feed of festival events. The stream will be hosted on the Sundance Institute’s website,, starting Thursday and ending Jan. 27.

The Sundance Channel website,, offers a 10 Days of Sundance schedule of festival films on TV, as well. The site also allows you to look up what station the Sundance Channel is with your cable provider.

Films range from adventure dramas like “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” to comedies like “Nurse Betty.” The possibilities for film fans are endless.

The Sundance Film Festival will also pay tribute to musicians whose music has played huge roles in their films, as well as present different types of media performances by a wide range of artists.

If that still won’t cut your undying desire to be a festival attendee, pick up Benjamin Craig’s book “Sundance: A Festival Virgin’s Guide” for a bit of light reading to start planning for next year’s big event. You can also purchase tickets for the Sundance Film Festival U.S.A. viewing of “Touchy Feely” at the Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport Ave. in Chicago. The filmmaker will be there the night of the screening to engage in discussion.

By the looks of it, you can never be too prepared.