Dekalb was holiday-accident free in 2012

By Northern Star Staff

DeKalb’s wreaths stayed red this year as the city was holiday-accident free during the season, according to a Thursday news release from the DeKalb Fire Department.

The Red Wreath Program began in 1986 as a way for the city to raise awareness for fire prevention during the holidays, according to the department. The DeKalb Fire Department place a wreath on each of the city’s three fire stations on Thanksgiving with the hope of keeping the bulbs in the wreaths lit red.

The wreaths were displayed for 39 days. Over that time period, the department responded to 570 requests for emergency services, 14 of which were fires, according to the fire department. None of the incidents were related to the holiday season or seasonal decorations, meaning that no red bulbs had to be replaced in the wreath.

For more information on the Red Wreath Program or fire safety, call the DeKalb Fire Department at 815-748-8460.