Morse twins: NIU’s rising wrestlers

Gabriel Morse

By Ed Rietveld

Growing up, brothers may occasionally wrestle each other as a way to release some aggression.

To a certain extent, two members of the NIU wrestling team are still doing that; however, instead of wrestling against each other, they are now wrestling with each other.

Freshmen twin brothers Andrew and Gabriel “Gabe” Morse are in their first year of wrestling on the collegiate level, Andrew at 157 pounds and Gabe at 141 pounds.

Andrew said wrestling together on the college level wasn’t something he thought would happen.

“I wouldn’t say we talked about wrestling on the same team really,” Andrew said. “I mean, we both obviously had the dream of wrestling obviously division 1, but over the years we kind of decided that it would probably be best if we just looked at schools individually. I mean, and if we ended up at the same school that be cool.”

Gabe said there were a few reasons why NIU was the place for both him and his brother.

“It wasn’t too far away from home,” Gabe said. “We’re connected with the coaches. It seemed like the best fit.”

Andrew said it is nice having someone there who is so familiar with your style of wrestling and to help motivate you when you are struggling.

“Yeah, it definitely helps…[to have] someone that obviously I’m really close with,” Andrew said. “So, I always got him to go so we can talk about anything. He’s always there, and for wrestling obviously he’s always a great partner. He knows a lot about what I do and we can help each other get better.”

Gabe said he has had to adjust to him a few things on the college level compared to what it was like to wrestle in high school.

“I think it’s just the intensity level,” Gabe said. “There’s no really bad wrestler. Everyone you go against is good. You don’t really get a break.”

Wrestling coach Ryan Ludwig said he sees some differences in the Morse twins now compared to the start of the season.

“Well, I think that one of the biggest changes you’ll see in a freshman is from the time he arrived on campus to when he gets through that first semester, and both of them have matured both physically and mentally in their wrestling,” Ludwig said. “And they’re on the right track, that’s for sure.”