Monochrome outfits work great with personal touches

Olivia Rajska

Walking around campus, I spotted Abby Barrios, freshman political science and community leadership and civic engagement major. I admired her approach to a monochrome, or one color, outfit. She emphasized an all-black outfit without looking gloomy.

Barrios wore a black pea coat with a black cardigan underneath, a gray leopard print scarf, black leggings and black biker boots.

One popular coat this season is the pea coat, and Barrios nailed the style with ease. On the topic of nails, Barrios said her outfit was inspired by her red nails with black French tips. The buttons on her coat had red stitching to match her nails and other details of her outfit.

Barrios also wore a pastel bracelet her sister made for her. Adding a memorable piece to an outfit brings a more personal approach to your style.

I really admire Barrios’ leopard print scarf. Scarves are such versatile accessories and can be worn by both men and women during the fall and winter seasons. Not only can scarves be worn outdoors with your coat, but they can also be worn indoors with a sweater.

Another look Barrios rocked is biker boots. She said she recently bought her boots and finds them especially comfortable. Biker boots are worn by men and women and add an edge to any outfit. According to, “These don’t need to be black, as long as they have buckles or other hardware to project a tough attitude.”

Monochrome outfits can be pulled off with one or two personal touches of color in accessories or extra detailing in the fabric. Barrios said she likes dressing in monochrome outfits but finds it difficult to pull off gray.

Find a color that you feel comfortable wearing and add your own personal touches, as Barrios did with her nails and homemade bracelet.