Reasons to see Skyfall

By Kevin Bartelt

There are many reasons why you should see Skyfall. James Bond is at his best, and here’s why:

Action: The fight and chase scenes are anything but ordinary. Sometimes I adjust my cuff links after jumping into a moving train through the roof, too. And that’s just the beginning of the movie.

Style: After leaving the theater, I contemplated subscribing to Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Bond’s clothes are so cool.

Dialouge: Skyfall has very Ernest Hemingway-like dialogue. The sentences are short but have so much meaning. Bond exemplifies this best.

Excitement: It was honestly the fastest two and a half hours of my life. The plot is put together so well. You probably won’t say, “Saw that coming!” but it’s not similar to Inception where you’re like, “Going to the bathroom was a huge mistake.”

50th Anniversary: You have to respect the golden anniversary.

Cool: Between the cast, the scenery, the plot and the style, if you don’t feel cool just by watching Skyfall, then Twilight is in Theater Seven to your right.