Tips to having a successful Thanksgiving

By Beth Schumacher

Thanksgiving is only two days away, which means planning is in order. Whether you’re trekking to a family member’s house for turkey day or staying at home, it’s in your best interest to have a strategy. I’ve comprised a list from over the years that has helped me celebrate a very happy Thanksgiving.

1. Claim your spot.

Stake out a cozy place on the living room couch and claim it early. When the tryptophans kick in and you’re finally finished stuffing your face, you can dart for your spot and peacefully take a nap. That is, unless something extremely obnoxious is on the television. But if you’re fast enough, the remote could easily be in your control. Bring your own blanket.

2. Choose your pants wisely.

Wear stretchable pants. Regardless of how good you want to look in those family photos that will be posted all over the book of faces, it’s important to be able to breathe. You don’t have to wear sweat pants, but you may want to skip out on the skinny jeans. This way you’re happy, comfortable and bearable to be around.

3. Help strategically.

Offer to bring out dishes and set the table. This way you can scope out the best possible seat. Nothing is worse than being seated in front of food you can‘t stand.

4. Guarantee there will be food you enjoy.

Vegetarian? Picky eater? Make your absolute favorite dish ever so you’re guaranteed to like at least one thing at the dinner table.

5. Start thinking about Christmas.

Since everyone is going to be in the holiday spirit, it’s a perfect time to make Christmas lists. Yes, it may still be Thanksgiving, but what better time to figure out what everyone wants than the day before Black Friday? Don’t forget to bring your sale papers.

6. Do your research.

Devise a list of topics to chat about. That way, you’re less likely to be led into an awkward conversation there’s no turning back from.

7. Know what your thankful for.

It’s not difficult—most of us are blessed with a whole lot more than we realize. It wouldn’t hurt to take out a pen and paper and list them all. You may actually be surprised.

So there’s my strategy. What’s yours? Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may the turkey/tofurky be plentiful.