Best Bonds have attitude, sex appeal

By Sarah Contreras

5. Roger Moore

Bond Reign: 1973-1985

Moore played 007 in seven films, and is usually the most popular actor amongst Bond enthusiasts. While he does not earn the top spot for me (reasons listed after this), there is no denying Moore was a damned good James Bond. He was sportive and mischievous, with a sense of humor usually lacking in the spy series. Handsome and eloquent, Moore is memorable as one of the best Bonds ever.

4. Pierce Brosnan

Bond Reign: 1995-2002

Brosnan makes this list because for most of my life, he simply was James Bond. His first Bond movie debuted when I was 7—too young to remember the eras of Sean Connery or Timothy Dalton. Though Brosnan’s time as Bond was excessively cheesy, there is no denying the man’s sexiness. Debonair with a lilting accent, Brosnan worked his way through movies like GoldenEye and The World is Not Enough with ease. The outrageousness of his character reflected the outrageousness of the films around him, and somehow it all just worked.

3. Timothy Dalton

Bond Reign: 1987-1989

Dalton was approached multiple times to play 007. Humble enough not to want to follow directly in Connery’s footsteps, Dalton only took over the role after Moore retired. Dalton’s Bond was different from Moore’s lighthearted take, with a darker sense of humor and aura. Dalton portrayed the agent as burdened with his career and missions, making him less of a silly playboy and more of a cold killer.

2. Sean Connery

Bond Reign: 1962-1971, 1983

Let’s be honest—when you think of James Bond, you think of Sean Connery. Connery’s Bond has been lauded, imitated, and mocked—this, I think, is the mark of a great job. His Scottish accent and lack of action-movie experience made his Bond a bit rough around the edges, which added even more sex appeal to the already dashing secret agent.

1. Daniel Craig

Bond Reign: 2006-present

My heart skips a beat for Daniel Craig. Besides being the first non-brunette Bond, he is the first 007 to inhabit a completely realistic world. Craig’s portrayal of Bond is that of a tough, calculating man who has had love stolen from him—so his every action is eventually explainable. But just because he is believable doesn’t mean he isn’t lightyears beyond cool. Perfectly dressed and mannered, the new James Bond is smart, cold and ridiculously sexy.