Soundgarden rages back to music scene with first album in 16 years

By Kevin Bartelt

They’ve done it again.

Soundgarden released its first album in 16 years, King Animal. If I could sum up the album in two words, they would be “Audioslave 2.” This album has a striking similarity to lead singer Chris Cornell’s side project, Audioslave, with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

King Animal has a few great tracks. Here are the ones you should check out:

Been Away Too Long is the album’s single. The song starts with a sweet guitar riff as Cornell sings about feeling out of place in his own hometown. It sounds like a less melodic version of a Foo Fighters’ song (which is not a bad thing). If the tasty guitar riff, pounding drumset groove and introspective lyrics don’t do it for you, I’m sure there’s a Justin Bieber song that will tickle your fancy.

Non-State Actor is the second track on the album. Back-to-back great hard rock songs are hard to find these days. This song isn’t a perfect 10, but if you appreciate cool guitar riffs, I’d recommend this track.

King Animal closes with Rowing. This song is unique for a hard rock album in 2012. It’s interesting to hear a song this slow that can still groove. The drums have a very John Bonham-esque groove listeners will appreciate. Poetry is the best way to describe Rowing. “Don’t know where I’m going, I just keep on rowing,” Cornell confidently sings.

This album definitely has its peaks, but some of the songs aren’t up to par.

3/5 Stars.