Tips to handle daily chaos

By Holly New

Feel like your life is chaotic?

Friday is National Chaos Never Dies Day. That’s right: a celebration for all the chaos in our lives.

It’s obvious that life’s chaos will never go away, but even science explains how chaos is unavoidable. Entropy, according to, involves a “doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.” That sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

But really, all this is saying is that the world will only grow more chaotic. We can see this in everything we do. A good example is how chaos develops as we grow older.

When we’re young, people make our food and change our diapers. But growing up involves going to school, getting a job and learning to cook our own dinners. Naturally, life is only going to grow more chaotic. It’s how we deal with life that makes it bearable. So here are my top three ways to deal with the chaos in your life:

1. Don’t create excess chaos for yourself.

I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done, and when crunch time rolls around, I am completely flustered and unprepared. My best advice would be to take time to prepare for all the things you have to get done. Our lives are busy enough. Don’t make the chaos even worse.

2. Take chaos at face value.

It’s extremely easy to overdramatize the various problems in your life. When you seem to have an abundance of responsibilities in a limited time, the best question to ask yourself is, “Will this matter in five years?”

This takes us back to the lesson on prioritizing. Sometimes, we have to choose which responsibilities to tackle first. It’s OK to take a step back and decide which path will help you in the long run.

3. Accept the chaos and learn to love it.

There’s nothing more exciting than having the universe throw you a little bit of good fortune. If you always expect chaos, then the sweet relief of calm will always seem sweeter. Accept that the world will always be hectic and that chaos is OK.

Sometimes, I just like to laugh at the silly things that happen in our crazy world, like when the vending machine eats my quarters or when one squirrel chewing on a power line causes half the town to have a blackout. It’s accepting the chaos that makes it seem less horrible, but being able to love the chaos will only make you more prepared to handle it.