Lynch is top dog of Huskie football

Matt Hopkinson

The quarterback has become the single most important position in football. The NFL is predicated on the ability to pass the ball, and fantasy players clamor for the big name gun-slingers.

NIU has found itself in prime position to repeat its success from last season due in large part to the emergence of junior quarterback Jordan Lynch.

Lynch has rushed for over 100 yards in five of the six games this season, and recorded his first career 200+ yard game against Ball State Saturday.

With his yardage gained versus the Cardinals, Lynch has further staked his claim as the nation’s leading rushing quarterback.

Not only is he the number one running quarterback, in terms of the nation’s leading rushing, Lynch ranks eighth on the list in terms of yards per game, averaging 131.50.

In terms of general yardage, he is fourth overall, trailing only four running backs. Lastly, for scoring purposes, of the top 50 rushers in the nation, he is tied for third with nine overall rushing touchdowns.

While the rushing is what has garnered him the most statistical significance, his ability to make big plays via the air has allowed the Huskies to succeed in all of their games since the season opener.

While the verdict is in regarding Lynch’s overall game, the jury is still out for a few other variables.

Those namely come from his strengths. Will his ability to run the ball tire him out over the course of the season, leading to fatigue when the team will need him most? Will the physical toll running the ball takes, leave him with Michael Vick syndrome?

These are factors worth considering, but from what I’ve seen, Lynch seems up to the task.

While coach Dave Doeren has described him as a “linebacker playing the quarterback position”, Lynch does not get hit all that often. The offensive line has kept Lynch upright while in the pocket all season, only allowing eight sacks.

Not only has Lynch accounted for 18 total touchdowns on the season, he has been doing it in grand fashion. Three of his touchdown runs were 70 yards or higher, with his season high being an 88-yard dash against Army.

He has also posted two passes that went for 50 yards or more for touchdowns, including a high of 69 yards also against Army.

The success of Lynch has propelled the Huskies to five straight victories this season, including two wins in the MAC already. Behind a similarly talented quarterback last season, NIU won the MAC championship and its Bowl Game. The team will go as far as Lynch can take them, and at this point, the quarterback shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.