Men’s Golf looks to seniors for leadership

By Sean Anderson

With six seniors, NIU men’s golf has more than enough leadership.

“It is always good to have senior leaders on your team,” said coach Tom Porten. “Over the last few years Bryce Emory, Griffin Bauman and Kurtis Luedtke, each in their own way have been good mentors. Like this year Bryce has done a really good job of mentoring our lone freshman, Connor Nelson… Bryce has taken Connor under his wing and has helped him adjust to life from high school to college.”

Bauman said he also has been there for the underclassmen when they need advice on and off the course.

“Whenever any of the underclassmen have a question or something I can usually help them out,” Bauman said. “Off the course I have helped them with time management, because with golf, it is really time-consuming with tournaments and practices. We practice a lot during the day, and traveling can get you behind with your school work.”

Having six seniors also means each of those players will be gone next season. Therefore, the Huskies will look for new talent from the upcoming recruits, Porten said.

“You can look at it in one or two ways,” Porten said. “First of all, we are going to be sad to see six seniors go. But it is an opportunity for us to bring in some fresh talent. It puts the pressure on me and my assistant Andrew Frame to bring in a talented recruiting class and we are working hard to do that. We will have some announcements upcoming in November on our recruiting class.”

Junior Shawn Foley said with six seniors gone next year, he will have to become the new leader of the team.

“They have been here my whole time at NIU,” Foley said. “It seems really strange to think about them leaving next year so it will be an adjustment. Next year will be more of an adjustment for me because of losing six guys. Next year I will have to assume some sort of leadership role, and I would like to learn and get stronger in my leadership ability so I can help lead the team next year.”