Why all the cats?

By Katie Finlon

Cats. Cats everywhere.

I have no idea why the internet is so infested with cats—cat videos, LOLcats, pictures of cats with party hats…You name it, the internet has it. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t remember people having cat fever before the days of the internet.

Except, you know, maybe the nice little old lady across the street.

I just simply don’t get the phenomenon. I personally have a strong aversion to cats because I was exposed to some exceptionally mean ones at a young age. As a result, very few cats overcome that aversion. The dancing cat videos get old after watching them twice, and I find no enjoyment in watching a full-grown cat playing with its shoelace.

Kittens? We’ll talk.

The only type of internet cat video I’ve found hilarious was this, and it’s not even about the cat—it’s about the woman who loves the cats too much:

And after you’re done with that, watch this:

Anyway, beyond that, the whole internet cat fiasco just isn’t doing it for me anymore.