Environmental studies students hold plant sale to raise money for campus improvements

By Brooke Shinberg

Sell a little green, make a little green.

Environmental studies students sold plants to raise money during Campus Sustainability Day on Wednesday. They are trying to raise money to fund educational displays about sustainable landscaping, gardening equipment, mulch for several seasons and for a trust account held by NIU Finance and Facilities. The plan for these supplies is to put a plant bed across from the NIU west lagoon along North Stevenson Drive between Grant Towers and Stevenson Towers.

The plants are not just to raise money. The vegetation is also good for the air and breathing.

“Some benefits of houseplants are that they remove toxins, add personality and help with overall wellness from environmental perspectives,” said Justina Siuba, graduate public health major.

Siuba said there are studies that show those in the prison system recover more quickly and improve their mental and environmental wellness when they have a better view outside, especially if that view includes greenery. Others see benefits from nature, too.

“Patients in hospitals get better quicker,” said Alexander LaBee, sophomore visual communications major.

LaBee said since no one really enjoys being in a hospital, giving a patient a plant is a nice way to brighten up their room.

The plants being sold at the event varied, but there were some plants that were easy to take care of, which were the big sellers.

“The white gossamer is the top seller because it has a flower and is easy to take care of,” Siuba said.

LaBee said the group does not have anything like this sale planned for the future, but because Wednesday’s sale went well, they may host something similar soon.