Taylor Swift speaks directly to souls

By Sarah Contreras

Vive La Taylor!

Yesterday I was cleaning my room, speakers a-blasting, loudly singing “WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER!” when I heard a noise coming from the other room.

“No. No. NO! Are you listening to Taylor Swift?” My roommate sounded as if he were in serious pain. “You know, I’m starting to rethink this whole living situation.”

I laughed it off and turned it down. But I did not stop listening. I was too busy eating whipped cream with a spoon, drinking a glass of wine and organizing my dresses to be embarrassed by my music choices. Taylor is one of my heroes, and I don’t care if my roommate knows it.

I realize that Taylor Swift’s music is not exactly the hippest thing for a self-styled music snob like me to listen to. More so, I realize that as a 25-year-old, Taylor Swift is not the hippest hero to have. I’m supposed to be above pop music, above cheesy love songs and squeaky vocals.

But I’m not.

I am not the only one who can’t deny Ms. Swift’s infectiousness, and I think I know why. Her music, though not world-changing, speaks to people on a very basic level: “I feel this way, even if it is silly and simple.” If not intricate, her lyrics are honest. They provide outlets for all the emotions we deem “silly.” In a world full of deep worry and stress, Taylor Swift doesn’t treat them as such. Heartbreak, crushes, bullying, self-doubt, getting even—they all find a place on her albums.

Instead of going on at length about why Taylor Swift is awesome and my hero, I figure I should just show you instead. Thus we have this list:

The Top Five Taylor Tunes That Speak Directly To My Soul:

You Belong With Me:

Not only is this song catchy as hell, it’s universal. We’ve all been teenagers, and we have all had crushes on one of our friends. Whether the crush was returned or not is its own story, but Taylor nails the yearning that comes along with the initial stages of young love. I’ve been there, girl. I’ve been there.

Sparks Fly:

I like boys with green eyes. I like romances filled with passion and drama. I like to sing Taylor Swift songs for Karaoke. This song fills all the requirements to be a Thing Sarah Loves.

A Place in This World:

Though I may be pretty much an adult, I often feel as if I’m faking it. I try my best to be responsible and purposeful, I do. It’s just that there are days where some guidance and certainty would be very much appreciated. I still feel so young and so naive, and I try to appreciate every day as it comes to me. This is my personal anthem.

If This Were a Movie:

I’ve fallen victim to harsh breakup or two. And when I was heartbroken, I found myself praying that life would work itself out Romantic-Comedy style. When things hurt, we wish for simple fixes. But then we have to realize that life isn’t a movie, and things don’t always work out the way we want them to. We have to realize this—but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope, just a little, that we will be the exception to the rule.


GUYS, SHE HAS A BANJO! I die. But her banjo is not what makes her my hero in this song. Instead, it is the way she handles naysayers. Taylor could be colder, meaner, but instead she is understanding. She knows that some people are bullies because of past hurt, and instead of laying down some serious bitchiness, she simply tells the truth. I was bullied when I was younger, and though I wished that I could be as cold as those girls were to me, I just held my head high and waited. I waited for the day I would be more accomplished and poised than they. I used words as my defense and refused to stoop to their level. With this song, Taylor just gets me.