The First Family of fashion

Olivia Rajska

Let’s talk politics—fashion politics, that is. As Election Day is approaching, it is appropriate to acknowledge the most fashionable President and First Lady in the nation’s history.

John F. Kennedy had a great taste for the Ivy League look. Outside his mandatory suits and ties, he focused on simplicity with a collegiate touch. According to Christian Chensvold, founder and editor in chief of, Kennedy’s style consisted of crewneck sweaters, penny loafers, white T-shirts, polo shirts, chino pants and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

“Kennedy gave his clothes style, rather than the other way around, a testament to the idea that clothes should never upstage their wearer,” Chensvold said.

According to G. Bruce Boyer of, Kennedy’s trousers hit the tops of his shoes at just the right point, with no bunching of the fabric, and his jacket always hugged his body nicely. Kennedy’s style is still sported today on campus and at work.

Jackie Kennedy took fashion in politics to great heights. Her classic, signature looks have inspired many women on the key elements of style. According to Samantha Salzarulo of, Jackie Kennedy’s daywear style incorporated sleeveless dresses, dress suits, a-line skirts, pearls, oversized sunglasses and pillbox hats. Kennedy’s evening attire consisted of backless or off-the-shoulder gowns accessorized with long white gloves, brooches or bows. Her clean silhouetted looks were complete with matching accessories.

A classic look never goes out of style, and Jackie’s fashion sense is still influential today.

“Designers such as Givenchy, Chanel, Lanvin and Jason Wu create designs with the style of a modern-day Jackie Kennedy,” Salzarulo said.

Michelle Obama takes note of Jackie’s style with pearls, brooches and sleeveless dresses to show off her toned arms. She is following in Kennedy’s footsteps as she experiments with style in the White House while still looking appropriate.

Whichever Kennedy has your vote in fashion, get inspired by their classic looks. You will not only be fashionably, but also politically correct.