Costumes can be both trendy and affordable

Olivia Rajska

Do you have your costume ready for Halloween weekend? Sometimes it may be hard to think of a good, unique one.

In many ways, picking out a Halloween costume is similar to deciding what to wear for the day. Do you want to spend money on a new costume, or would you rather wear the same one as last Halloween?

It is best to switch it up, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Ask your friends what they dressed up as last year, and maybe you can switch costumes. Switching up costumes makes Halloween fun and unpredictable.

You could also make your own costume by looking through your closet and seeing what you have and what you can add to an outfit. If you don’t want the same costume as someone else, it is an even better idea to make one yourself.

Some fun costume ideas for women are: a mermaid; an angel or devil; a favorite candy; a Disney princess; and costumes from certain eras like a ’20s flapper dress, ’50s Pink Ladies outfit and a ’70s flower dress.

Men can dress up as Psy of Gangnam Style fame, a superhero, a boxer, a favorite band member or artist, Ted the teddy bear or a gingerbread man.

Some fun costume ideas for couples are Sandy and Danny from Grease, Thing One and Thing Two from The Cat in the Hat and a favorite celebrity couple like Victoria and David Beckham.

Group costumes give your friends a good laugh. Some fun group costumes are: the Sesame Street characters; crayons; M&M’s; the Powerpuff Girls; and rock, paper and scissors.

“It’s more fun going as a group costume, but it’s easier to pick out your own costume because you are only relying on yourself and not depending on anyone else,” said Tyler Hengels, junior history education major.

Whether you want to be silly or scary, sexy or nerdy, the costume ideas for men and women are unlimited. Aim for a costume where people will not only remember what you’re wearing, but the person behind it, too.