Orchard miaze maze is a local favorite

By Beth Schumacher

Halloween is quickly approaching, and Jonamac Orchard’s annual haunted corn maze is one way to celebrate the season.

For its 13th consecutive year, Jonamac, 19412 Shabbona Road, Malta, brings this attraction to the city of Malta, and it has proven to be a crowd favorite.

“I went last year and liked it,” said senior nursing major Khushali Thakkar. “It was more fun and effective because it was outside and hard to find the way out in the dark.”

This year brought the biggest opening weekend admission for the maze thus far, and there’s a reason for it. On top of the usual props and actors, the maze added a cage-maze and zombie school bus to enhance the attraction’s appeal and keep loyal customers coming back.

Co-owner of Jonamac Orchard, Kevin McArtor, expects a good turn-out this year.

“The first weekend went well, and I hope it continues,” McArtor said. “There’s a few new things this year that make it better.”

As if being in an eerie haunted cornfield wasn’t enough, the maze allows no flashlights—just glow sticks or a pen light.

“They don’t know where they are or where they’re going,” McArtor said. “It adds to the fun.” McArtor said despite the fear factors, the maze is completely safe, and no harm will be done to any of its pathfinders.