‘Modern Family’ continues to provide entertainment for every audience

By Kevin Bartelt

“You’ve been deported twice; you’re not allowed to be that defensive.”

This is one of the many memorable and hilarious lines from the ABC hit show Modern Family, one of the funniest (if not the funniest) shows on primetime television.

Modern Family has been nominated at the Golden Globes, Emmy Awards and more. The show is currently in the middle of season four, and after three years, it does not seem to be losing its touch at all.

One distinctive aspect that the show has summoned is a diverse audience. I know a 60-year-old white woman who loves the show just as much as a 21-year-old black friend of mine does. It is not too often you see a show that all age groups and ethnicities enjoy. This is a huge reason why Modern Family has so many fans each year.

Modern Family always puts me in a better mood. I love that no two characters are alike, yet they can always bond and share a meaningful connection. The day I don’t laugh at least 10 times in an episode will be the day I stop watching it (which has yet to come). Check out this show…seriously.