College of Business to host session on Fast-Trak MBA

By Erin Kolb

The College of Business will host an informational session on Master of Business administration degrees on Oct. 16.

The meeting will take place at 5 p.m. in Barsema Hall, Room 210. The meeting will cover information about the Fast-Trak MBA. Other MBA program divisions will be discussed too, said Anthony Preston, assistant director of MBA programs.

Preston said the program is flexible with students.

“The way we design the MBA program with four divisions is fit the lifestyles of students,” Preston said.

The Fast-Trak program is a year-long program where students spend weeks at the university and at other locations for their study, Preston said.

Studying abroad is required for students in the Fast-Trak program. Shorter-term studying abroad lasts nine to 11 days and is required for students in the executive and professional MBA programs, said Mona Salmon, director of the Evening MBA program.

Salmon said she thinks studying abroad is important for students. Some of the best benefits of the MBA program include networking opportunities for career development, she said. Students in the Fast-Trak program are set up with a career coach who make sure students have a job by the time they graduate.

“One hundred percent of students who enroll in Fast-Trak complete the program and have jobs lined up already by graduation,” Preston said.

Salmon said what students like most about the MBA program is how it covers different areas of business.

“Most of our students use their MBA to move up within their company and get promoted to new positions,” Salmon said.

Salmon said the MBA can help people with a variety of degrees. For example, engineering students can understand the business side of project management after obtaining an MBA, she said.

For more information on the Fast-Trak MBA program, contact 815-753-0257 or visit