Night, early morning marked by two robberies, one stabbing

By Northern Star Staff

According to DeKalb Police Lt. Jason Leverton, there were two robberies and one stabbing incident last night and today in the early morning. Leverton said based on what he has been told by NIU, none of the victims were students. One robbery and the stabbing occurred in the Greek Row area.

At 11 p.m. today, Leverton said a Lukulos delivery driver was making a delivery at the 1100 block of Varsity Boulevard. Leverton said the driver was walking between two buildings at that location when a subject approached the driver, struck him on the side of the head and stole the delivery bag. Leverton said the driver described the subject was black, about 6″, with braided hair and black pants and a white jacket.

“Fortunately, [the victim] didn’t sustain any serious injuries,” Leverton said. “In fact, he was able to return to work.”

In another incident, a pedestrian said he was attacked by two subjects while he was walking near the Campus Life Cinema in the 1000th block of Blackhawk Road. The incident was reported to the police at 4:20 a.m. The victim told police he was fighting with the two subjects when he felt a sharp pain in his side. Leverton said the victim was not sure what had happened until the suspects ran away and the victim returned to his apartment and saw a “stab-type wound” to his side. He sought treatment at Kishwaukee Hospital for a collapsed lung and is still in the hospital.

According to Leverton, the victim said one of his attackers wore a navy blue hoodie and the other word blue jeans and a jacket.

At 5:09 a.m., a pedestrian reported that he was at the 800 block of Russell Road, walking with his girlfriend and two men then had just met, when the two men they were walking with robbed the victim. The suspects took the victim’s wallet and watch and the victim sustained minor injuries to his face and upper body. According to the Leverton, the victim said one suspect was wearing a red hat, white jacket, a baseball hat and black pants; the other was wearing all black, including a black coat and black hat.

Leverton said all of the cases are under investigation but there have been no arrests.

“We would certainly welcome any information that people might have about these incidents that occurred, or if they see anybody that matches the descriptions of these subjects,” Leverton said.

NIU Police issued safety bulletins in response to the robbery and stabbing that occurred today.