Students share their musical guilty pleasures

Sarah Contreras

Though I mostly consider myself a young lady of exceptional musical taste (you may disagree), sometimes the music I enjoy surprises me. Case in point: I absolutely love Taylor Swift. Her country twang and poppy hooks do not fit in with my Decemberists/alternative-heavy iTunes library, but I love her just as much.

The same goes for artists like Metro Station and Ke$ha, but I am not ashamed of my guilty pleasures. In fact, I scoured the school looking for other students who are proud of their musical guilty pleasures as well. Party on, NIU.

What is your Guilty Pleasure music?

“I like to blast Lady Gaga in my car…when no one else is in it.”

-Spencer Tritt, freshman anthropology major

“I guess it would be praise music. It just lifts my soul.”

-Shanta Johnson, graduate music major

“Dubstep. It helps me get in touch with my pineal gland.”

-Rich Thompson, graduate music major

“I would have to say…showtunes. It’s the one station on Pandora that I’m like, ‘Why am I listening to this?’”

-Sara Obenchain, junior management major

“I listen to screamo sometimes. I don’t look like ‘that guy’ but…”

-Kenny Patel, freshman computer science major

“Kelly Clarkson. What? It’s good music!”

-Alex Heaney, freshman computer science major

“2 Chainz”

-Ryan Leahy, junior communications major

“Miley Cyrus. I don’t like her, but I like her music. It’s catchy.”

-Lexxus Soristo, freshman undecided major