Gimme a break, Japan

By Beth Schumacher

Having grown up watching countless hours of television, seeing Kit Kat commercials was a pretty regular occurrence.

Regardless of the way it was presented, the jingle always had the same tag line: “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.” This crunchy, chocolate-covered wafer of deliciousness has been at the top of my list since I can remember.

It was to my astonishment when I found over fifty different flavors of the candy bar.

Kit Kat is very similar to the Japanese words “Kitto Katsu” which essentially translates to “You will surely win.” It’s no surprise that Nestlé took full advantage of this odd coincidence to market their product as a good luck charm to the people of Japan.

Once the Japanese took a liking to this idea, they started producing flavors such as soy sauce, green tea, pumpkin, sweet corn, caramel macchiato, sweet potato and several more creative concoctions that resemble a five course Thanksgiving dinner.

It had me wondering, then, what other kinds of products from around the globe have wacky, out of the ordinary flavors?

I immediately started researching. My findings include yogurt and mint, seaweed, coconut curry, tuna mayo, wasabi and winter crab flavored Doritos, bacon flavored soda from Jones and chicken wing, octopus and spaghetti flavored ice creams.

Although the shock factor of these unusual combinations had me puzzled at first, I realized that each culture has a different way of pleasing its members’ palates. Regardless of my dislike for seafood and bacon, curiosity has me wanting to try everything.

10 Weirdest Kit Kat Flavors:

10. Aloe Vera

Maybe eating these will help relieve that terrible sunburn.

9. Cantaloupe

All the melon flavor without the rind.

8. Cheese

Would you like some wine with that?

7. Wasabi

This one’s sure to clear up your sinuses after every bite.

6. Soy Sauce

All you need is some rice and you’ve got yourself a meal.

5. Sports Drink

It won’t quench your thirst but it’ll satisfy those cravings.

4. Red Bean

The rich flavor allows you to completely forget you’re eating twice the calories of the actual food.

3. Vegetable

For all you fruit and veggie lovers out there.

2. Lemon Squash

Lemon, squash and soda flavors all mixed into one tongue twisting candy bar.

1. Citrus Pepper

Hopefully they’ll make a chicken flavored one to pair the two together. Mmm, citrus pepper chicken.