Grooves for your move

By Sarah Contreras

It’s that time of the year again — Moving Days! If you’re one of the many, many guys and gals who are spending their days packing up knick-knacks and moving impossibly heavy furniture, then you know that the stress of it all can easily get you down.

Luckily, I devised a playlist that will fill you with optimism and (mental) strength as you huff-and-puff your way into a new dorm/apartment/townhouse/basement.

College Kids — Relient K: Nothing makes you regret your decision to leave behind the comforts of home more than having to pack up a years worth of junk!

Here’s to Now — Ugly Casanova: Sure, these are stressful times. Bills and rent and lightbulb expenses can make everything seem scary and plain not worth it. But it is all definitely worth it. Being young and moving around is a luxury not everyone experiences, and all of the stress and fear will become fond memories someday, so celebrate the here and now.

We Are the Champions — Queen: You and your buddies deserve a pat on the back! You conquered that Ikea bed frame! You got that sofa up three flights of stairs! Huzzah!

Listen to the Spotify playlist here: