Philanthropy and Volunteerism class raising money for TAILS


Carly Stadie, 17, of Hampshire plays with a kitten Wednesday evening at TAILS Humane Society, 2250 Barber Greene Rd. DeKalb.

By Lauren Dielman

Philanthropy starts in the classroom.

Some students are raising money for a cause in their Philanthropy and Volunteerism class (PSPA 401).

The money raised will benefit TAILS, 2250 Barber Greene Road, a local not-for-profit animal shelter.

Isabelle Bourgeois, junior community leadership and civic engagement major, said the class was divided into groups that represented nonprofit organizations. The groups presented their findings.

“The class then deliberated each organization and voted on which nonprofit we would raise money for,” Bourgeois said. “We chose TAILS Humane Society because it is local, and because we believe college students have a passion for their mission.”

Alicia Schatteman, assistant public administration professor, said the students chose a local organization because it is easier for people to relate to the cause.

To put their project into action, Schatteman said the class will set up a table in the MLK Commons Tuesday and people can donate in any amount, or donate $1 to receive puppy chow. Students will be collecting money elsewhere, as well.

“They are collecting change in two jars,” Schatteman said. “They could place them at businesses with their permission, they could ask their friends, their sororities.”

Their project is also associated with Change for Change, a national nonprofit organization founded by an undergraduate student. The organization educates young people about supporting their community through philanthropy.

Bourgeois said their class project was created around what Change for Change stands for.

Schatteman said Change for Change gives credibility to their project. She said she hopes the project will go even further than it already has.

“Right now it’s just a class project, but we hope it creates a chapter at NIU,” Schatteman said.

Schatteman said she thinks having the opportunity to participate in this class project has taught her students a lot.

“It feels great knowing that our efforts will make a difference in the lives of the animals they serve,” Bourgeois said.

Beth Drake, executive director for TAILS, said TAILS has had a great relationship with NIU since its existence.