Graduate Arts Association to hold auction

By Perri Killam

The Graduate Arts Association (GAA) will hold an auction Tuesday through Friday, according to a press release.

The auction will include works of art by NIU graduate student members of the GAA. Anyone can go to the auction, which will take place across from Room 215 in the Art Building any time the building is open. Participants can view the art and leave their bid and contact information on any display case they wish to bid on.

The available art will include a variety of paintings, drawings and three dimensional works. Auction winners will be contacted via email or phone, whichever is preferred, by the end of the week to confirm their winning bids. Brian Montana of the GAA said he is unsure how prices will vary but expects bids to start at around $20. He said since the GAA is not school-funded, all of the proceeds will go back to its members: half to the artist and half to the club’s necessary funding.