Women’s Studies accepting donations for Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund

By Lauren Dielman

Students and faculty need look no further for a gift for their mom this coming Mother’s Day, May 13.

The Women’s Studies Program is currently accepting donations for the Mothers Memorial Scholarship Fund. Once someone contributes any amount of money in honor of someone, the honoree is sent a card featuring the 2012 Women’s History Month design which lets her know that you have contributed in her honor.

Amy Levin, Women’s Studies Program director, said people can donate to honor women “who are mothers or act as mothers.”

Levin has donated in honor of several people since the scholarship fund was established in 2003.

“I’ve donated to people who have made a difference and young mothers I know,” Levin said.

Although it is still early in the year, the scholarship fund is doing “really well,” Levin said. The fund was first established because many people felt there were women in their lives who acted as mothers and because of what some women were going through at that time.

“When we first talked about it, there were several women who recently lost their own mothers and were looking for a way to honor their mothers,” Levin said. “We felt lots of people could identify with this.”

Rebekah Kohli, Women’s Studies program coordinator, makes donations consistently since 2003.

“I feel very good about contributing in their honor,” Kohli said. “I like this particular scholarship because you can donate in the name of someone.”

Kohli said a particularly memorable donation she made was in the name of her grandmother, who has passed away.

“It’s a way to remember her and keep her memory alive,” Kohli said.

Natalie Santiago, second year professional writing and rhetoric master’s student, is one of the recipients of the scholarship this year. Santiago said receiving the scholarship means a lot to her from the standpoint of being a mother, an activist and a member of NIU’s community.

“More than anything, this scholarship reminded me of how much the community at large has influenced me positively and inspired me to reach out more, to lend a hand wherever and whenever I can,” Santiago said. “I owe this scholarship to my community, to the community of NIU, and to my family for motivating me and reminding me of how much my success in my studies is directly related to the understanding individuals have imbued me with.”

Levin said she encourages people to donate in honor of someone up to a week before Mother’s Day, but the Women’s Studies Program will still be taking donations after Mother’s Day.