Judge to render verdict in McCullough trial

By Northern Star Staff

A verdict for Jack Daniel McCullough’s rape trial is expected Thursday, after the prosecution and defense rested their cases Wednesday.

Presiding Judge Robbin Stuckert said she planned to have McCullough’s verdict ready by Thursday morning, according to the Daily Chronicle.

McCullough’s defense argued that Jeanne Tessier, whom McCullough allegedly raped, had no corroboration for her story.

According to the Daily Chronicle, Regina Harris, DeKalb County public defender, said Tessier’s story also lacked physical evidence, and she did not tell the police of the alleged crime until more than 47 years later.

State’s Attorney Clay Campbell vouched for Tessier’s credibility, describing her as an honest, educated person whose volunteer works supported her as a credible witness, according to the Daily Chronicle.

Stuckert is expected to render her verdict at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.