BOT to vote on student fees, room and board rates, salaries

By Kelly Bauer

At a 9 a.m. Board of Trustees meeting today, the board will vote for or against increasing student fees, room and board rates and various salaries, among other items.

According to the Board of Trustees agenda, the university is requesting the Board approve an increase in student fees. There is an average aggregate fee increase of 7.91 percent, including a 17.59 percent increase in the Student Health Insurance contract. The agenda said the recommendation for the fee increase was “developed through a representative process involving subcommittees (consisting of student representatives and staff).”

After the vote for or against increasing student fees, the Board of Trustees will also vote upon an increase in room and board rates. According to the agenda, the university has recommended the Board of Trustees vote to increase room rates an average of 1.9 percent, with a 0 percent increase in board rates. “When combined, these changes represent an average 1.55 percent net affect in standard room and board rates,” stated the agenda. The recommendation addressed an increased cost of goods sold, contractual services, general operating expense increases and contributions to the reserves for residence hall improvements.

According to the meeting agenda, the Board will also vote on whether or not to increase salaries. The university recommends that those with salaries up to $110,000 see a 2.5 percent increase; those with salaries between $110,001 and $160,000 see a 2 percent increase; and those with a salary greater than $160,001 see a 1.75 percent increase. All increments associated with this guideline would be retroactively implemented effective Jan. 1, 2012, if approved. The increase would not apply to all: faculty and staff employed by the university on or before Dec. 31, 2010, who remain employed, will be eligible for the increment “subject to university procedures,” according to the university’s proposal.

“The university has consistently held competitive salaries as its number one priority given the need to maintain and attract quality faculty and staff necessary to provide exceptional programs and services to our students,” the university proposal stated.

All of the proposals are subject to approval or rejection by the board.