offers coupons for local businesses

By Lauren Dielman

Tim Dalrymple, junior business marketing major, came up with the idea for his website,, after he tried a similar coupon website.

“We realized this was actually a good business,” Dalrymple said. offers coupons for at least 50 percent off at participating local businesses. Dalrymple said he believes it will help connect local businesses with students.

“We wanted students to be able to find new stuff around campus, and then business owners turn them into returning customers,” Dalrymple said.

The website serves students at NIU, Western Illinois, and Illinois State.

Although a few tests were run last semester, Dalrymple said CampusDealin’s official launch was at the beginning of this semester. The website at Western Illinois and Illinois State will launch after spring break.

CampusDealin was originally called NIUpon, but Dalrymple said it was necessary to change the name.

“Once we started marketing at Western, it didn’t really go well having it called NIUpon,” Dalrymple said.

This semester, Campusdealin offers coupons to one business each week, but next semester it will run one new coupon every day.

Businesses offered on the website include Pita Pete’s, 901 Lucinda Ave., Pizza Pros, 1205 W. Lincoln Highway, Flippin Eggs, 831 S. Fourth St., Mardi Gras Lanes, 1730 Sycamore Road, and Bockman’s Auto Care, 2158 Oakland Drive.

Brian Kolberg, Mardi Gras Lanes general manager, said he thought it would be a good idea to have its coupons on the website.

“We were looking for something fun and affordable,” Kolberg said. “It’s a good opportunity for students to come out with your friends as groups.”

Jon Bockman, Bockman’s Auto Care owner, did not hear about the site directly.

“I learned about it through an associate who said ‘you should check this out, it’s something you might like,'” Bockman said. “It’s a great way to reach out to NIU students.”