Warrants issued for 31 alleged drug dealers, users

By Dave Gong, Jessica Wells, and Ryan Felgenhauer

***Updated 1:00 p.m.***

As of now, 22 people have been arrested as part of Thursday’s drug sweep.

DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler said Operation Safe Streets is complete. Moving forward, DeKalb Police aim to find and arrest the remaining suspects, Spangler said.

Spangler said one suspect is no longer wanted. More information was found during the sweep and further investigation is required, Spangler said.

***Updated 11:20 a.m. Feb. 24***

The identities of two students arrested in Thursday’s drug sweep have been confirmed.

Ryan Allen, 21, of Algonquin and Jeffrey Smythe, 22, of DeKalb, were were arrested Thursday in connection with the sale or possession of controlled substances.

Allen is charged with possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia. Allen’s bond was set at $10,000.

Smythe is charged with delivery of cannabis and possession of cannabis. His bond was set at $1,000.

Arrest warrants were issued Wednesday for 31 individuals, including Allen and Smythe, said DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen at a press conference Thursday. Arrests began Wednesday evening.

During the press conference, Feithen said arrests began Wednesday evening and 19 individuals were in custody. Twenty-six warrants were issued for alleged dealers and five were issued for alleged drug users, Feithen said.

“Local law enforcement is committed in its efforts in continuing to make this a safe community to rid neighborhoods and the campus area of drugs,” Feithen said. “We feel this sends a strong message to the community that we want to work with the community in putting drug dealers behind bars.”

DeKalb Police Lt. Gary Spangler said twenty officers were involved in the sweep and a small amount of drugs were seized.

“Nothing substantial, as far as the arrests today,” Spangler said. “If you go back to the actual drug cases themselves, they are relatively small amounts.”

Feithen said there were varying amounts of drugs seized which included prescription medicine, cocaine and cannabis.

“Keep in mind that the way we arrest them is through controlled buys and other types of operations,” Feithen said. “Although the amounts may be relatively small, they are still serious crimes.”

Feithen said the investigations happened over a six-month period and the arrests originated from another investigation and arrests made in December 2011.

Clay Campbell, DeKalb County state’s attorney, thanked the officers involved in carrying out the arrests.

“Any operation like this operation that we’ve conducted involves countless individuals working countless hours,” Campbell said.

Feithen said out of the 31 suspects, eight are known gang members and some other individuals arrested are associates of gang members. Feithen said the DeKalb Police Department is not in the habit of releasing individual gang names. Weapons were also recovered during the course of the arrests and further charges are pending for those individuals.

Feithen said the sweep involved a combination of experienced gang and drug enforcement officers, investigators and employed uniformed police officers for a visible police presence and additional assistance during the arrests.

Spangler said so far, the arrests have not been met with any resistance.