Key player: Matt Schilz

By Brian Belford

The Falcons won’t intimidate many teams with a 4-5 record, but they can be dangerous.

The man that makes Bowling Green State tick is redshirt sophomore quarterback Matt Schilz.

Schilz ranks seventh in the MAC this year in total offense, throwing for 2,301 yards and 19 touchdowns, and is a big reason why Bowling Green receivers rank fourth in the MAC in total receptions.

Schilz has a big arm, but is not a threat to run, which is something the Huskies will watch for on roll outs and play fakes.

“We know he’s got a great arm,” said NIU freshman linebacker Michael Santacaterina. “He’s a great player. We know he likes to roll out, and once he scrambles, he still looks to throw. So we have to match up on scramble rolls.”

Schilz has thrown 10 interceptions this year and lacks experience. NIU defensive back Demetrius Stone said the Huskies will have to be prepared for whatever comes their way.

“They pass quite a bit,” Stone said. “You never know what they’re going to come out and do. They could pass over the middle. They could pass deep. We just have to be prepared for whatever [Schilz] throws at us.”