Some computer lab users’ etiquette may be seen as bothersome


Dan Crus, Junior Manufacturing Engineering Technology major gets ready for finals by studying in Neptune North’s computer lab Monday afternoon.

By Felix Sarver

You can eat, use your cellphone and talk out loud in the labs located at every residence hall, but sometimes these freedoms come at the cost of disturbing others.

Senior accountancy major Antwoinette King said the people in Residential Technology (ResTech) computer labs are sometimes noisy when they talk on their cellphones or set the volume on their headphones too high. King said because the ResTech lab is located in Neptune Hall where there are a lot of art students, there are also loud activities outside the lab as well.

“It bothers me when I’m trying to get work done,” said Timothy Lewis, senior textiles, apparel and merchandising major. “But it’s kind of a free lab…so it’s kind of expected.”

The ResTech labs are different from ITS labs as they allow food and drink, said Jan Gerenstein, associate director of ResTech in an email. These allowances are because the labs are located in residence halls and not academic buildings, Gerenstein said.

Students should also be respectful of others during busy days in the lab when it comes to printing, Lewis said.

“We definitely expect students to obey university rules related to student conduct, as well as rules of common courtesy,” Gerenstein said in an email.

Students who normally use computers for entertainment purposes can use the ResTech labs instead of being bothersome in ITS labs, King said.

“I think it decreases the traffic for entertainment in other computer labs where people are trying to get things done,” King said.

Overall, the ResTech labs are not that bad, King said. Junior meteorology major Jonathan Greenspan finds nothing wrong with the labs or student’s behavior in them even though they are occasionally annoying.

“A lot of people like to use their phones to chat with friends. During assignments I guess that could get annoying,” Greenspan said.