City Council passes ordinance to put electric supply question on ballot in March’s elections

By Kelly Bauer

Monday’s City Council meeting saw the passing of an ordinance that will put an electricity-related referendum on the ballot in March’s elections.

A proposal for the city to arrange for the supply of electricity to its residents and small business owners was passed, meaning the proposal will be available as a referendum during the elections. T.J. Moore, director of DeKalb Public Works, said the ordinance had been “discussed extensively” by the council during previous meetings.

The council also discussed an ordinance to amend the city’s Official Comprehensive Plan by adopting the Ellwood Historic Neighborhood Implementation Strategies Plan. Jamie Smirz, who spoke on behalf of Ellwood, said the plan was developed by the neighborhood’s residents.

“It was a true grassroots effort – the city of DeKalb did not write this,” Smirz said.

The aim of the plan is to preserve the integrity and historic nature of the neighborhood while enabling the area to grow and develop. Ellwood residents met over a period of several years to create the plan.

“I was really impressed with the neighborhood involvement,” said 3rd Ward Alderwoman Kristen Lash. “I think it’s a good plan.”

The ordinance was moved on to second reading, as was an ordinance authorizing Mayor Kris Povlsen to sign an agreement with Barb City Manor, a retirement facility, that would authorize $100,000 worth of facility improvements. Both ordinances will face a final judgment at the Dec. 12 council meeting.

Afterwards, the council passed the first reading of an ordinance that would authorize Povlsen to sign a lease agreement with Old Elm Farms. If the lease is signed, Old Elm Farms will be able to farm 358 acres of farmland that is adjacent to the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport, 3232 Pleasant St.

“We have a very good relationship with [Old Elm Farms],” Moore said.