Interim dean, students weigh in on managing classes, employment


Freshman English major Christopher Erby plays Call of Duty instead of doing his studies Wednesday night.

Sometimes, students may feel like there isn’t enough time to complete all of their schoolwork. However, a little bit of time management can go a long way.

Mary Pritchard, interim dean for the College of Health and Human Sciences, suggests students use something to keep track of their schedules, both for work and school.

“I think it is helpful for students to use their planner,” Pritchard said. “Either a paper one or an electronic calender.”

The NIU ACCESS website provides a 24-hour time management planner students can use, Pritchard said. She said students can also reduce stress by exercising.

“It’s another time demand, but physical exercise can do a lot of good,” Pritchard said.

There are also some classes on campus that deal with stress, Pritchard said. The Counseling and Student Development Center offers handouts on how to manage time and the recreation center offers a Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition program.

“I would encourage students to take advantage of all campus resources,” Pritchard said.

Sophomore pre-nursing major Pedro Gonzalez works as a clerical aid for the CHANCE program at the Writer’s Workshop in DuSable Hall Room 261. Gonzalez said he encourages students who have jobs to be positive.

“I wouldn’t say, ‘Approach it with caution,'” Gonzalez said. “I would say, ‘Approach it with a positive attitude.'”

Students need not be timid about balancing school and work, Gonzalez said. Usually they are afraid their grades might slip, or they want to work instead of going to school, Gonzalez said.

“I feel it is a matter of how well you, as an individual, manage your time and make an evaluation of yourself of what you feel you can or cannot do,” Gonzalez said.

Junior sociology major Angelica Hart works as a tutor for the PAL program. Hart said she keeps up with her schoolwork by taking advantage of whatever spare time she has.

“I make sure while I’m at work … I do some reading [when I have a break],” Hart said.

Hart said she suggests student workers put an effort into their schoolwork even when they don’t feel they can.

“Force yourself to do it, even when you get tired,” Hard said. “Because you’re going to get tired.”