Mike Quade is in over his hairless head

What exactly goes on in Mike Quade’s bald, shiny noggin?

The Chicago Cubs manager has been in scalding water all season due to his poor decision making.

Quade’s latest debacle comes from his choice to sit shortstop Starlin Castro for Monday’s game against the Atlanta Braves.

His reasoning? He was disappointed to see Castro reaching in his pocket for sunflower seeds during Sunday night’s game.

Granted, Castro should have been more focused on a potential ground ball and not going to town on his healthy snack of choice.

But what do you expect when you’ve been continuously lazy and unwilling to crack the whip to hold your players accountable?

And now, with less than two months to play, and your team soaking in its crummy play, you attempt to lay the law down Judge Judy style?

I suggest Quade run to be the next Mr. Clean since he would likely have a better chance of scrubbing away grease and grime than washing away the troubles of the Cubs.

-Jimmy Johnson, Sports Editor