It’s about Fukudome time.

By Brian Thomas

The Chicago Cubs finally made the move last week to fire Jim Hendry, who had been their general manager since 2002.

All I can say is it’s about time.

Although the Cubs finally made the right move and did what clearly needed to be done, they still waited too long.

Hendry was actually fired on July 22, but he remained the general manager until Aug. 19. Hendry wanted to help out the Cubs and stay on through the July 31 trade deadline.

But what was the point of this move?

Hendry didn’t help the Cubs at all or make any big moves to put them in the right direction, so why should he stay on through the deadline?

All Hendry managed to do was trade Kosuke Fukudome and his overpriced contract to Cleveland to clear up cap space.

But if not for Hendry, the Cubs would have never had to overpay for Fukudome in the first place.

Hendry could never seem to make the big deal and he had a knack for overspending on players.

Getting rid of Hendry was a good move, but I think for the Cubs’ sake, it was too little too late.