Summer makes it easy to stay in shape

Running sucks. It is the single most life-draining exercise you can do. You know you’re working out when you’re dripping in sweat, your face is bright red and your lungs are on fire. Personally, if I’m working out, I’d rather be doing something (anything) that doesn’t remind me that I’m actually exercising. So that nixes the gym.

I think Randy Pausch, Carnegie Melon professor of The Last Lecture fame, had the right idea with his “head fake” approach to learning or “indirect learning.”

For example, parents could trick their son into thinking that he is just playing football, but they actually signed him up to learn about teamwork, sportsmanship and perseverance. In this case, it would be “indirect exercising.”

Summer is the best time to do “indirect exercising,” because you can go outside without having to tread through snow up to your thighs (which is actually a really good workout).

Swimming is kind of an obvious option. However, when I say swimming, I don’t mean baking like a dead fish (ahem, ladies…). According to the Noom fitness app for Android users, if people swim at a moderate level for one hour, some can actually burn over 500 calories! If you burned that many calories running, the BO would reek all the way to Sycamore. So do us all a favor and cover that sh!t up.

Biking or walking to class is also perfect this time of year. Just put on those headphones and take your little booty out the door. However, still look both ways before you cross the street. Just because you have those headphones on, does not mean you have a protective shield around you.

I know it’s really tough to take that extra second to strain your neck. But believe me, when you’ve narrowly escaped being turned into road-kill because you lifted your eyelids, then you can thank me.

Finally, my personal favorite is to dance at a bar. Let’s face it: we all didn’t come to college just to study (and for those that did, good for you; you will probably be my boss someday). Not that I’m condoning excessive drinking or partying, I just like to dance.

Besides, I don’t know if you know this, but alcohol has quite a hefty amount of calories. You can see the effects of a party lifestyle on Facebook. Here’s a hint: those high school friends of yours who look just a little bit puffier in the face…yeah, those are the partiers. And believe me, they will be regretting those Friday night binges later.

The best way to work off those excess calories is to dance. I don’t know about you, but if I have a little alcohol in me, my perception of time is very skewed. What seems like an hour is actually four and before I know it, I have the quads of a bodybuilder. It’s only until the next day when I actually realize how much I’ve worked out.

I find this approach to working out quite successful. It’s way more fun than pounding the pavement or hitting the gym. It’s all about incorporating the little things into your daily life and eating a healthy diet that have those lasting effects.