Outing Centre offers new adventures

By Shelby Devitt

Tippecanoe and rent one, too.

At NIU, students have the chance to get out and have an adventure instead of spending the summer indoors. Outdoor Adventure, a branch of Recreation Services, is located in the Outing Centre inside the Rec Center, and students in DeKalb can take advantage of the rentals the center offers.

Christine Lagattolla, assistant director of Outdoor Adventures, said camping packages cost $30 per weekend. These packages include a tent, four sleeping bags, cook kit and lantern. Canoes can be rented for $14 a day or $28 for a weekend.

The center also sponsors a canoe expedition from Aug. 10 to 15, Lagattolla said. If students register by July 25, they get $25 off the regular registration price of $250, due by August 4. The group will travel to the Sylvania Wilderness Area in Watersmeet, Mich. There is an informational meeting at 7 p.m. on Aug. 1 at the Outing Centre.

The Outing Centre has more new opportunities for students this semester than in previous years. Rec Fest will take place the first day of school and include a portable rock climbing wall. However, Rec Fest is only one of the new features.

“A new thing for us this year is whitewater kayaking classes,” Lagattolla said.

Geneva Kayak Center instructors will be teaching the classes, and there will be the opportunity to take kayaking day trips and a weekend trip later in the semester, Lagattolla said.

“You’d get a lot out of it,” Lagattolla said. “It’s something big for us that we’re excited about.”

A new event called Camp on Campus will be held on Sept. 23 at Lorusso Lagoon on the west end of campus. Ross Prolic, trip leader and Outing Centre attendant, said the event will have the feel of an outdoor expo.

“It’s an intro to the outdoors for people who may not have had that opportunity when they were younger,” Prolic said.

The staff of the Outing Centre will give instruction and demonstrations on how to set up a tent, man a canoe in the Lagoon, cook with a Dutch oven and build a fire, among others. The overnight event is free.

Also new is a movie series featuring adventure-themed documentaries that will take place the first Wednesday of the month in the Stevenson multi-purpose room.

All prices for trips sponsored by Outdoor Adventure include food, gear, transportation, instruction and fees. Students need only show up for trips and events and will receive instruction. There are often choices based on skill level available as well.

For a full list of fall semester events, visit the Outing Centre website at www.outingcentre.niu.edu.