NIU offers help for soon-to-be graduates

By Jacqueline Evans

The Office of Student Academic Success will host Destination Graduation in the Altgeld Auditorium today from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m.

The program will include sessions on negotiating salaries, health insurance and benefits, graduate school information and budgeting student loans and debt.

“The program is aimed at graduating seniors but we suggest students start as early as junior year to prepare for life after undergrad,” said Student Success specialist Missy Lugo.

Various departments, offices and organizations helped plan the series of programs.

“We had help from the financial aid office, health enhancement, career services, the graduate school, counseling student development, the alumni association and the college of business,” Lugo said.

Mario Cinardi and Peter Kalamatianos, members of the alumni association, are two of the speakers to be featured at the program.

“We’ll have alumni from the DeKalb community as well as professionals who work in various fields speaking at Destination Graduation,” Lugo said.

This is the first time the Office of Student Academic Success has held such a program, but they intend to host Destination Graduation every semester.

“This is a first time event but with a good turnout, we hope to have it every semester,” said Lugo.

Senior elementary education major Mayra Andrade said the program sounded exciting and plans to attend.

“I’m going to the program because I’m graduating soon and I need to have these skills to make it in corporate America,” Andrade said.