Women’s Resource Center discussed polygamy

By Jalen Cobb

Is one enough in a relationship?

Too Much Love to Go Around? Reconsidering Polygamy.

About 15 people came out to discuss the issue of polygamy, polyamory, and non-monogamy in the Women’s Resource Center Tuesday night.

Polygamy is a relationship between one man and several women, while polyamory is having one or more intimate relationships.

Some polygamous relationships are between heterosexual couples, while others are between homosexual couples.

As Valentine’s Day nears, some are becoming more opinionated and having a clear stance on the topic at hand.

Grad Student Carol Clark said the idea is about examining relationships in a different way.

“We’re being more open about non-monogamous choices,”  Clark said. “It’s mixed, some people I know believe it’s more of a heterosexual issue, but I’ve seen both.”

The group watched two different films, one with polymory relationship and the other with a polygamous relationship. In the films the couples talked about how each relationships has their own set of rules and guidelines, which are to be upheld to sustain a successful relationship.

“I think that we will get over the bias within the poly-community,” said Tracy Ostman, sophomore psychology and women’s studies major.

Ostman said people are starting to see poly-relationship as just any other type of relationship.

Clark said the media has played a role in societies acceptance of these types of relationships.

“I think that media is in the middle on this issue,” Clark said. “When it comes to a path separate from religion we’re getting media coverage.”

Ostman said the media doesn’t go into the relationship of polygamous couples, instead focusing more on just sex.

“I know there are depictions of non-monogamous relationship in the media, but not really newsworthy,” Ostman said, “People seem to be more focused when it is sensational because it grabs the attention.”

Ostman said she believes society is becoming more accepting blended families.