Chapter receives award

By Thomas Owens

NIU’s chapter of Women in Communications, Inc. was one of the honored few when it recently was presented with the Outstanding Student Chapter of the year award.

This award was given to only two college chapters in the United States. The award was based on excellence in the areas of programming, public relations, community service and newsletter writing/editing/design. This award was given out at the WICI international conference in October.

Chapter President Stacy Zipse said, “I think the award will enable students to become more informed of our (organization) and other campus organizations.”

Women in Communications (WICI) is an NIU pre-professional organization whose members are interested in fields utilizing communication skills. Communication studies, journalism, English, art and marketing are some examples of members’ majors.

Kathleen Propp, faculty adviser to WICI, said, “WICI is a bridge between professionals and students. It offers students an opportunity for networking, contacts and helps get an edge over other students.”

NIU’s WICI is a branch of the larger national organization. WICI has more than 185 professional and campus chapters nationwide. The chapters provide programs, seminars and job referral for members. NIU’s WICI works very close with WICI’s Chicago chapter, which was established in 1919.

Liz Dolce, vice president of WICI, said, “We have worked very hard to bring quality speakers to the campus.”

Some of the past activities the organization has offered were a professional partnership day and field trip to Leo Burnett Advertising, Dolce said.

All the members are not women, however. Currently they have one male member and other male students are encouraged to join.

Jennifer Butzen, vice president of public relations for WICI, said, “The main reason for joining WICI is that money will buy you an education, but WICI will give you the experience to get a job.”

Students interested in joining or for more information on the chapter contact Propp at 753-7006.