‘De-baptism’ does not make any sense

By Letter Writer

On Thursday, the Northern

Star displayed images of the Atheists, Agnostics and

Freethinkers “de-baptism” event. I find this event to be more

confusing than offensive.

It is confusing because an atheist

believes that there is nothing to believe in and that there is no

God, therefore baptism has no meaning or validity. I then question;

why are you hosting an event to “de-baptize” something that you

believe was never valid in the first place?

The first reason could be that one

believes that there is something holy or spiritual to reject. But

that does not make much sense from an atheist’s perspective,

because there is nothing there or valid in the first place.

The other reason is to make a mockery

of a sacred event that billions of Christians believe to be holy

and important. I would like to believe that this event was not held

to offend anyone, but just was not thought out thoroughly and was

done in poor taste.

I would like to think that student

organizations could spend a little more time in planning their

events so that they do not waste their time trying to get rid of

something that they believe never existed or was important.

Alexander J.



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