More to do homecoming weekend than just homecoming

By Chris Krapek

Hey you! Don’t go home today; there’s too much to do in DeKalb.

Plus, it’s Homecoming weekend!

Seriously, if your suitcase is already packed and you’ve never spent a weekend cruising through the Barb City, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Eliminate that 48-hour weekend voyage to your parents’ house and make the best out of your time here. Go out, do stuff and take it easy on the beer nuggets.

Here’s a list of all the choice things you should be doing in DeKalb this weekend:

What: Drake

Where: Convocation Center

When: Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

How much: $31.50-$39.50

Why: In the last year, Canadian rapper Drake has become one of the biggest names in music. Maybe he’s not on Lady Gaga’s level yet, but his debut album “Thank Me Later” went platinum this summer — a rare feat in the days of digital downloads. When’s the last time someone really hot career-wise came to NIU? Drake last performed here in Spring of 2009 for a free show to a massive audience. With Homecoming this weekend, hopefully everyone can sober up enough by Sunday night and another T-Pain incident is averted. Drake’s about to set it off, set if off; Jada Pinkett.

What: “Something To Write Home About: Letters From The Regional History Center Collections”

Where: Founders Memorial Library

When: All weekend

How much: FREE

Why: There’s going to come a time this weekend when you can’t take it anymore. When you’re washing off the red and black face paint and questioning why you spelled the word “HUSKIES” on you and your homie’s chest. Rejuvenate yourself with historical culture. This exhibit features letters from the Northern Illinois region, with some dating as far back as 1850. Learn about the town you live in and see what military, family and college life was like in simpler times. I wonder what kind of cell phone apps they used…

What: Sixteen Candles

Where: Otto’s, 118 E. Lincoln Highway

When: Saturday at 9 p.m., 21+ show

How much: $5

Why: It’s safe to assume that most of us were 80’s babies. We are children of hair metal, jazzercise and Zubaz pants. Why not relive the feelings from the decade that brought us Reaganomics through song? Sixteen Candles is a group of five dudes who love 80’s music. Maybe they’ll play “99 Luft Balloons,” maybe they’ll dabble in Lionel Richie. Check out the Prince/Michael Jackson/Rick Astley medley for a nostalgic overload.